Credit Card Transaction Failure FAQ

How to know if your online transaction was completed.

  • PayPal will show a screen indicating a completed transaction and then return you to the Federal Club website.
  • The Federal Club website return page will show that either the transaction was completed or was interrupted and therefore canceled.
  • You will ALWAYS receive an e-mail receipt from PayPal.
  • If your transaction was to pay for events tickets (Luncheon, Holiday, other...) via Eventbrite, you will also receive an email receipt with details from Eventbrite.

How we know about the status of an online credit card transaction.

  • PayPal generates an e-mail for any completed transaction  that goes directly to the
  • We can also log in to the PayPal system and see every completed transaction.
  • If no e-mail is generated by PayPal to treasurer indicating the transaction details, no transaction occurred and your credit card was not charged.
  • Email confirmation is received by the following for every completed transaction:

- Treasurer
- Membership Administrator
- Webmaster





  • If the Payment Gateway goes down for any reason, the connection is released to prevent security breach.
  • If your internet connection is interrupted for any reason the connection will be released to prevent security breach


  • If you take too long to enter your credit card information and billing address (generally you are allowed about 15 mins) the payment session is disconnected.
  • On Evenbtbrite because there is often more info required (ie. Multiple guest names, etc), we arbitrarily give you a longer session to complete entry of all the information. A session countdown clock is displayed for your convenience.
  • THE MOST COMMON REASON: individuals often don't realize that after they have entered all their credit card and billing information into PayPal that you are returned to a screen that is an information confirmation screen.This is for you to review and ensure that all the information is correct before you confirm that you want your credit card to be processed for the transaction. IMPORTANT:  There is a button a the bottom of this PayPal screen that you must click to "complete this transaction". Individuals often wait, looking at the screen thinking they are finished and then the session times out and you are disconnected.



What to do if you are concerned that your credit card has been charged.


Send an e-mail to with the time, date, amount, purpose of the transaction.
We will check both the e-mail log and check the transaction log to determine status of the transaction.

Remember if you did not receive a confirmation email receipt then your credit card has not be charged.

If we confirm that no transaction occured but you are are still concerned, ALWAYS call your credit card company.

If you have any further questions about online transaction: