Join us for the Summer Luncheon on June 27


We are very excited about our speaker for the FC Summer Luncheon! Jeydon Loredo will join us to talk about his journey as a trans youth and some of the issues that face LGBT youth every day.

In the Fall of Jeydon’s senior year in High School, he wanted to be able to wear a tuxedo for his yearbook picture. School officials demanded that Jeydon wear a blouse or a drape if his portrait was to appear in the yearbook, despite protections in place against discrimination based on gender expression.  These demands prompted HRC to launch an on-line petition with the goal of convincing the school to live up to its own non-discrimination policies.

Often, issues facing LGBT youth take a back seat.  But self-esteem issues, bullying, not having an adult they can trust or having parents who openly express anti-LGBT sentiments are extremely harmful to young people. Rates of drug and alcohol use are higher among LGBT youth. And worries about safety and acceptance often crowd out their ability to focus on getting an education and living up to their true potential.

We will also be holding a food drive to benefit the Resource Center Food Pantry. Please bring your non-perishable food items to the luncheon to donate to the Food Pantry.  You can also make a financial donation to assist the Resource Center to help those in need. 

RSVP here! See you on Saturday!