Indiana. Arkansas. Texas?

As we heard at the Spring Luncheon, the struggle is taking a new twist.

By Chris Lindsey & Liz Rodriguez | 2015 FC Co-Chairs

By Chris Lindsey & Liz Rodriguez | 2015 FC Co-Chairs

We would like to thank everyone who attended the Spring Luncheon! It was one of the most inspirational and informative luncheons yet. We are still blown away by Jim Obergefell’s story of how he became an accidental activist. He went from just wanting to live his life to realizing that, unless he stood up and got involved, he and his husband, John, would never be treated like everyone else. How moving that, with only a few months left in John’s life, they made the decision to challenge discrimination and stand up for equality. And, now, their case will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.

HRC’s Sarah Warbelow gave a somber assessment of what we are now facing in the wake of the reality of marriage equality in 37 states and the anticipated decisions by the Supreme Court. All across the country, state legislatures are moving bills to legalize discrimination under the guise of “religious freedom.” Last week, the Governor of Indiana signed one of those bills into law. Another bill might reach the Governor of Arkansas’s desk as soon as this week. And the Texas legislature is also considering the same kind of legislation.

These “religious freedom” bills are meant to do just one thing – legalize discrimination against LGBT people. And all of us, just like Jim Obergefell, have got to stand up and get involved. As part of DFW Federal Club, you are already showing your commitment to equality. And there is always more that we can do! Consider writing letters to your elected officials telling them that you oppose any legislation that would legalize discrimination. Show your support for communities and businesses that support equality. And, especially, register and vote in the May 9 municipal elections

Harvey Milk once said, “Coming out is the most political thing you can do.” So, once you’ve done that, the rest of this is easy. Get active! Get Involved!

Again, we thank you for everything you are doing to make equality a reality.  And we are so proud to be in this fight on the side of so many amazing, wonderful, and loving people!