Wave of Anti-LGBT Bills in 2015 State Legislative Sessions!

By Chris Lindsey & Liz Rodriguez | 2015 Federal Club Co-Chairs

By Chris Lindsey & Liz Rodriguez | 2015 Federal Club Co-Chairs

More than 85 Bills Have Been Filed in 26 State Legislatures

While we continue to make progress toward equality, new challenges keep cropping up nationwide. HRC is working hard to counter a wave of anti-LGBT bills that have been filed by state legislators across the country. These bills have taken on a variety of forms and all of them have innocent sounding names, but we can divide them into four major types. These bills would:

  • Allow individuals, businesses, universities, adoption agencies and others to use religion to challenge or opt-out of laws, including state and local laws that protect LGBT people from discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations;
  • Prohibit cities and towns from protecting LGBT people from discrimination;
  • Criminalize transgender people for using appropriate restrooms; and 
  • Explicitly protect therapists who engage in harmful “conversion therapy”

The diversity of the legislation is unprecedented and a record number of bills have been introduced.  And all of them could cause the most harmful unintended consequences as well.

Together these bills undermine and, essentially, cripple fundamental protections and basic human dignity for LGBT Americans and other minority groups.

HRC’s Web site has a great guide to the bills that we are fighting across the country. To learn more about these bills, click here. Your support for the work that HRC is doing is more needed than ever! And we appreciate -- so much – all that you do to further equality!

We look forward to seeing you at the Spring Luncheon this Saturday.  With our guests speakers, Sarah Warbelow and Jim Obergefell, the Spring Luncheon is a must-attend event!   See you there!