DFW Federal Club Gets National Recognition!!

Your Efforts Show the Nation How to Get It Done!!

by Chris Lindsey & Liz Rodriguez | 2015 Federal Club Co-chairs

by Chris Lindsey & Liz Rodriguez | 2015 Federal Club Co-chairs

Last weekend, DFW Federal Club was recognized at the HRC Spring Equality Convention in Washington, DC as the BEST Federal Club Committee of the year! The Spring Equality Convention brings together HRC members from around the country to learn about the latest on our national plans, as well as what’s happening on-the-ground in cities and states around the country. And it’s a time to share best practices and showcase what works. And they recognized DFW as the BEST.

This honor is really a reflection of all of you -- the members of the community who are participating at the Federal Club level. Your support and dedication are leading the nation as a model for how other cities should work. We can’t begin to thank you enough for all you do for HRC and tell you how proud we were to represent you in DC!

Despite ice and snow and airport delays in both DFW and DC, 15 people from of our Board of Directors, Board of Governors, Governing Committee and Steering Committee were able to represent us all at the convention. There were three days of very informative meetings and solid training. And there were some incredible speakers as well.

Vice President Joe Biden spoke to the plenary session on Friday and highlighted the vast achievements of our movement. He noted that we were meeting on the eve of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Selma and how much our fight for equality mirrors that struggle. He said that, in many ways, there has been a continuous movement from Selma to Stonewall to where we are today. Vice President Biden also pledged the administration’s support for our communities. And he applauded the clear momentum that has resulted from all of us being courageous enough to give of ourselves, as well as be ourselves with our families, our friends, our work colleagues and our neighbors. Just by being who we are, we are changing the hearts and minds of Americans on our issues. 

We are sure you can tell that we are still coming off of the high that was the weekend at the HRC Spring Equality Convention! We are so proud that all of you who support and participate in DFW Federal Club are known across the country as the best! We knew it all along! We are thrilled that the rest of America recognizes it, too!!!

DFW Awards
•    BEST Federal Club Committee of the Year
•    BEST Membership Outreach Program of the Year (Steering Committee)
•    Top “Strive for Five” Club
•    Only Federal Club to have recruited members in every month of the year
•    Special Achievement in Support of HRC-Endorsed Candidates
•    Extraordinary Partnership for a Dinner (HRC-Black Tie)