Breaking: Exxon Mobil Adds Workplace Protections

by Chris Lindsey & Liz Rodriguez, 2015 DFW Federal Club Co-Chairs

At long last, the Oil & Gas Giant takes a step toward equality!

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After years of lobbying, pleading, cajoling and pushing by local and national HRC leaders and volunteers from allied organizations, ExxonMobil has finally taken its first steps in adding equality to its corporate culture.  Last Friday, the company announced it was specifically adding language that will prohibit workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.  This comes after years of solid resistance by ExxonMobil to include those groups in their non-discrimination policies.

In the past, HRC has given ExxonMobil the lowest score ever on our Corporate Equality Index, and we are just beginning to see real change.  In fact, many experts agree that the management of the company had little to do with these changes.  An Executive Order signed last year by President Obama prohibits such discrimination for federal contractors.  The world’s largest oil company is also a large government contractor. In many ways, ExxonMobil was forced to make the change in its company policy because of the victories that we won at the federal level.

HRC’s tireless efforts over the past decades continue to bear fruit. As the case of ExxonMobil shows, we have to pursue equality on many fronts in order to reach our ultimate goals.  Your dedication and financial commitment make possible the day-to-day work and small victories that lead to watershed moments like this.  While the change at ExxonMobil is a big victory, we still have no workplace protections in place in 29 states for sexual orientation and in 32 states for gender identity and expression. Lots of work to do!

HRC is working hard to bring full equality to all areas in America.  All because of you! Thank you as always for your help and commitment.  We need you more than ever before!