Spread the News! The February Mixer is This Friday!!

by Chris Lindsey & Liz Rodriguez | 2015 DFW Federal Club Co-Chairs

Need a Mid-Winter, Post-Valentines Day Break? Join Us at Cedar Springs Tap House!

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It’s the middle of winter. Valentine’s Day is over, and the next big holiday is months away. But don’t let that get you down! Join us this Friday, February 20 at Cedar Springs Tap House for Federal Club’s Monthly Mixer. Come on down and see your Federal Club friends and family and catch up on all the latest.

You know, the work HRC does around the country just keeps growing. Take Kansas, for example. Kansas was one of the few states that had protections for LGBT state employees. This was part of an executive order issued by the previous Governor of the state. But now that marriage equality has come to Kansas, the current Governor, who is no fan of the LGBT community, has RESCINDED these protections. In Arkansas, the state legislature last week passed a bill that would allow discrimination against LGBT people – in employment, public accommodation, or any other situation, and PROHIBIT municipalities from providing protections.

And the beat goes on in Alabama, where many counties refuse to issue marriage licenses rather than comply with the Supreme Court decision that ended a stay of a lower court decision that allows marriage equality. We have had a lot of success recently, but there are new battles coming up every day!  Now more than ever, we need you to stay involved and know that HRC is working hard on the ground in every corner of the nation. 

The Monthly Mixer is a great time to meet up with your Federal Club friends and find out what they’ve been up to. And make some new friends. And you’ll also hear more about our plans for Federal Club for this year and some of the exciting events that are just around the corner! So come on down, relax and enjoy a beverage with us!

Cedar Springs Tap House

4123 Cedar Springs Road | Dallas

Friday, February 20 | 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Please feel free to bring friends, colleagues, allies and family members who might consider joining HRC at the Federal Club level.  Let’s keep the momentum going and get even more people involved in making equality a reality for all of us!

As always, we are here to serve. If we can be of help with anything, please contact us.  You can also talk with any member of the Governing Committee – they are here to help as well.

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!

Liz & Chris