Buying Smart . . .

Check the Corporate Equality Index Before You Buy!

by Chris Lindsey & Liz Rodriguez, 2015 DFW Federal Club Co-Chairs

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This week, all Federal Club members should receive the 2015 HRC Corporate Equality Index (CEI) report. The CEI rates companies on a number of easures including having non-discrimination policies that cover sexual orientation and gender identity, providing health benefits for same sex and transgendered employees or partners, and demonstrating heir commitment to the LGBT communities.  

Over the years, HRC’s criteria have gotten continually more stringent. Many companies are consistently stepping up their games to include more and better policies  and actions that enable their companies to treat all people equally. 

Using the CEI to inform where you shop and spend your money helps our community to reward those companies doing a great job. And by withholding our substantial dollars from those who still have work to do, we can encourage them to get in step with equality.  The CEI is a great tool.  There’s even an app so you always have access to information about the best (and worst) companies at your fingertips.  

Two local companies are great examples.  American Airlines has scored a perfect 100 on the index since its inception and has continually maintained that score every year since.  On the other hand, ExxonMobil has actually gone backwards and refuses to move their practices forward.  In fact, ExxonMobil was the first and only company to get a negative score on the Index.  You may want to fill your tank at Chevron (CEI score  -- 100!) instead!

Here’s a link to the index or, better yet, get the app.

So, use your guide, think EQUALITY as you shop, and make a statement with every dollar you spend!