VOLUNTEER CALL REMINDER | Volunteer Day • North Texas Food Bank


Dear HRC Volunteers, Partners, Federal Club Members & Major Donors:

Calling All Volunteers - Saturday - October 4th • 12:45 - 3pm

Please join us for just 3 hours at the North Texas Food Bank this Saturday.
Let's give back to our community and the city that is our home, to help those less fortunate and need our help!

Every day, the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) provides access to 170,000 meals for hungry children, seniors and families in need.

North Texas Food Bank | ntfb.org

North Texas Food Bank | ntfb.org

In NTFB's Fiscal 2014, they have provided access to some 62 million meals. They could not do this without the help of volunteers. It is very important for our LGBT community and HRC in Dallas-Fort Worth, to have visibility as valued friends, neighbors and citizens who contribute to the overall health and welfare of the metrople

When they see us as no different and digging in with helping hands, it's changes public opinion about who we are and why we should be equal.

North Texas Food Bank Volunteer Day

Saturday - October 4, 2014
12:45pm - 3pm

  • 80 Volunteers needed. Bring your friends and spouses
  • Volunteers must arrive around 12:45pm for the shift.
  • Volunteers must wear closed toe shoes.
  • Please wear HRC apparel if you have it.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather as you may be outside.

North Texas Food Bank • 4500 S Cockrell Hill • Dallas, TX 75236
T: 214-330-1396   | ntfb.org

Questions:  Steve Wiscaver | swiscaver@dfwfederalclub.org
Yours in Equality | the HRC DFW Leadership

Robb Puckett & Kari Logan
2014 Co-Chairs | HRC's DFW Steering Committee

Jaime Duggan & Chris Lindsey
2014 Co-Chairs | HRC's DFW Federal Club

Cathi Scalise & Carl Andrews
2014 Co-Chairs | HRC's DFW Federal Club Council

ABOUT the North Texas Food Bank
Founded in 1982, the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) is a Dallas nonprofit hunger relief organization that distributes donated, purchased and prepared foods through a network of more than 250 Partner Agencies in 13 counties. As a member of Feeding America, we support the nutritional needs of children, families and seniors through education, advocacy and strategic partnerships.