“W” Marks the Spot for this Month’s Federal Club Mixer!

September 2, 2014 by Jaime Duggan & Chris Lindsey, 2014 Federal Club Co-Chairs

Join your friends at the Living Room Bar at the W Hotel on September 19

We are looking forward to seeing you this Friday for our monthly mixer! As always, the hours are from 6pm to 8pm. We will be gathering at the “Living Room Bar” at the fashionable W Hotel in Victory Park.  And this week, “W” also stands for “Wine”. That’s right! We will be holding a “Wine Raffle” that will include three prizes including a ‘wine basket’ with a selection of great wines donated by your DFW Federal Club leadership team.  So, stop by, relax and say hello to your Federal Club family. 


Also…have you noticed that each week we highlight the HRC Buyer’s Guide Picks?  Not long after beginning the weekly newsletter, we decided to add a quick “Pick of the Week” to highlight companies that are good and not-so-good on our issues.  We feature a “Buy” and a “Don’t Buy” company based on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index Buyer’s Guide. 


We hope you will glance at these each week. (They are listed just after our article.) We look through the Buyer’s Guide and choose companies that we think will interest you. And a lot of companies’ scores are quite surprising! We are committed to supporting those companies who support us in our fight for equality by offering workplace protections, partner benefits, transgender health coverage and more.  

We began with locally based companies like American Airlines who has been at 100% on the CEI since the index began, as well as companies like Exxon Mobil who have declined to participate and made little effort to improve their workplace equality conditions.  So, take a minute each week to check our weekly picks — and shop for Equality! 

See you on Friday!