Fruitbowls are nice table decorations... | 2014 HRC Fruit Bowl • "Over the Rainbowl"

By Bryce Bentley Summers - HRC DFW Steering Committee Volunteer


Fruit bowls are nice table decorations, and they’re even refreshing to eat. But rest assure, jumping straight into the bowl can be downright electrifying.

 Now’s your chance to dive head first friends!

On August 17 is the 2014 Fruit Bowl where we’ll celebrate the great musicals of our times, and liven it up by dressing as your favorite musical character. For you ambitious folks, put together a team and come as your beloved musical cast whether it’s characters from Wicked, or the innocents from Book of Mormon. Of course, it’s not a Bowl without bowling, and lanes are reserved, ready for your wicked curve ball!

This event is hosted by the Human Rights Campaign and the HRC Dallas-Fort Worth Steering Committee

Event Details:
Sunday, August 17
2:00pm - 5:00pm
AMF Richardson Lanes
2101 N Central Expressway  Richardson, Texas 75080 (map)