Children of Same-Sex Couples Are More Than Alright


An Australian study of the health and wellbeing of children raised by two moms or two dads finds that their children are doing very well. In fact, this study suggests that children with same-sex parents are just as happy and healthy as their peers with straight parents and also have a slight edge on measures of family cohesion and general health.  The explanation for these differences is associated with the absence of enforced gendered parenting, which means that each parent brings their particular skills and strengths to their parenting role without an expectation that “moms” or “dads” do certain things as parents. 

According to the study, the only real challenge to same-sex couples’ children’s emotional wellbeing is the impact of stigma.  The perception or attitude that same-sex parents and families are not good enough, or “less than,” is what hurts children, not the fact that they have two moms or two dads.  When same-sex parents are faced with the scorn of homophobic opponents who repeatedly claim that children need a “married mother and father,” let us remind them that it is precisely their behavior-- their false claims about our families and their anti-LGBT rhetoric that are hurting children.  This new study confirms what decades of social science research have told us, which it that our children are just fine, and there is no valid data or evidence to suggest otherwise. Click heremore information about the study.