JUNE | Celebrating Marriage Equality | "Our Wedding" Blog

Don't Forget to send your wedding story and photos!

June is for weddings, and DFW Federal Club wants to celebrate by telling your stories of what marriage equality means to you and your families. So, here’s what we would like  you to do:

E-mail us your names, and date and place where you were married. Include a few wedding pictures. And send us your wedding stories (200 words or less!). These stories can be about what marriage means to you and your family, touching or funny stories about your weddings, or special moments you cherish most -- whatever you would like to share about marriage equality. We will post your stories on our Web site and some selected stories will be featured at our June 28th Summer Luncheon.

E-mail your story and photos to: ourwedding@dfwfederalclub.org