Join HRC for a Summer of Conversations

June 2, 2014 by Brad Clark, Director, Project One America

It's summertime! For many of us -- it's our favorite time of the year.  It's when we gather and relax with loved ones in backyards and on front porches.  And this summer -- we invite you to join the Human Rights Campaign in a Summer of Conversations

Summer of Conversations is part of our new Project One America effort, an unprecedented program to advance equality in Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas. A fundamental part of our work is to create a thriving community of vocal, visible LGBT people and straight allies empowered to speak out for equality. 

We know from experience that our friends and neighbors are much more likely to support issues of equality when they know LGBT people. Changing hearts and minds starts with one conversation at a time -- that's why we created Summer of Conversations.  

Here is how Summer of Conversations will work. It’s easy!

  1. Host a formal or informal gathering -- a backyard BBQ, an afternoon conversation on your front porch, or a discussion over dinner after church. 
  2. Invite your friends, colleagues, neighbors and loved ones.
  3. Hold the conversations we need to have in order to move equality forward.
  4. HRC will provide you with all the tools you need!

Just keep in mind-- there is no one right or wrong way to come out or share your story. It’s a lifelong process of being more open and true with yourself and others, which is done in your own way and in your own time. There will be a listening ear when you are ready. Also, it's important for straight allies to come out as well and share their stories about why they support full equality for the LGBT people in their lives.

For those ready to get the conversation started now, click here to learn more about how to become a host of a Summer of Conversations gathering.