Celebrating Marriage Equality | The Story Behind the Home Depot Wedding Proposal

REPOST from September 27, 2013 by Guest contributor

Video of Spencer Stout’s heartwarming marriage proposal to his boyfriend Dustin at a Salt Lake City Home Depot took the Internet by storm last week. HRC Blog caught up with Stout to hear the story behind the Internet sensation.

Post submitted by Spencer Stout


One day while I was driving home from work and rocking out to some Whitney Houston on a Spotify radio playlist, I heard the song, "Somebody Loves You" by Betty Who for the first time. I was immediately caught by the catchy beat and as I listened more closely to the lyrics, I realized that they spoke exactly to how I was feeling about Dustin. After two years of dating exclusively, I was ready to put a ring on his finger.

I tend to live in a fairy-tale happily-ever-after kind of world, so I wanted to go all out for my proposal. Surrounded with plenty of love and support from family and friends, I set out on a three-month journey, shrouded in secrecy, as we rehearsed our flash mob.
I chose Home Depot not only because of our mutual love of home improvement projects, but also for the major role it played in our first date.
Two years ago, after a very successful conversation over coffee, Dustin wanted to walk to the Home Depot to show me some of the different grains of wood he used for some tables and projects he had built for his house in Los Angeles. We spoke the same language and although this might sound a little cheesy, I really think it was love at first sight.
On August 30, in the lumber aisle of a do-it-yourself retailer in Salt Lake City, Utah, he said, "Yes."
We hope to tie the knot sometime next summer. Like most couples, the wedding planning stress has begun to set in; however, unlike most couples, we will need to travel out of state in order to legally marry.
Currently just 19 states, plus the District of Columbia, recognize the rights of loving, committed same-sex couples to marry. It is important to us that we marry in a state with marriage equality on the books that is close enough for family and friends to attend.
Although no couple in this country should be forced to travel to marry, it is our hope that hearts will continue to be touched and minds will continue to change as people view our love and see that it really is no different than theirs. We hope that these people will join with countless others and support full marriage equality for all citizens in this country, in all states in which they live and love.