Project One America Plans Conversation on Faith and Inclusion in the South

June 27, 2014 by Hubert Tate, Press Secretary, Project One America

The church pew is where the conversation begins on faith and inclusion in the Deep South.

This summer through an exciting and informative discussion, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) will gather at local churches to share experiences about building stronger faith communities for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their families. Creating safer and welcoming environments within houses of worship is a top priority for LGBT people in the South.

The faith gatherings are part of HRC’s Project One America, which is an effort to improve the lived experience of LGBT people in Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas. The chief aim is to change hearts and minds, advance enduring legal protections, and build more inclusive institutions for LGBT people. According to a recent survey by the HRC, more than a third of LGBT people in these three states are people of faith, but more than one in five experience harassment monthly or more at their respective houses of worship.

Project One America is pleased to gather at local churches with LGBT friends and allies across the state for a night of sharing and conversation. Participants will have the opportunity to share their diverse experiences in faith communities and hear from a panel of clergy and other local faith leaders. Each will talk about their journey leading inclusive faith communities in Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas.

The locations where the events are being held are below:

July 22, 6-7:30PM

Beloved Community Church

131 41st Street South

Birmingham, AL 35222


July 24, 6-7:30PM

Fondren Presbyeterian Church

3220 Old Canton Rd

Jackson, MS 39216


July 26, 11 AM-12:30PM

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

224 N East Avenue

Fayetteville, AR 72701