Behind the Scenes | Your Amazing Federal Club Team

Behind the Scenes

Your Amazing Federal Club Team


May 13, 2014  by Jaime Duggan & Chris Lindsey, 2014 Federal Club Co-Chairs
DFW Federal Club has some pretty amazing events! In just the next few weeks, we will have the May Mixer, WCW Ladies’ Night Out, and will support 2014 Fairway to Equality  Calcutta / Golf Tournament, just to name a few.  We hope you will participate in as many Federal Clubs events as you can – and enjoy the friendships and good times that are benefits of being a member of Federal Club.

But these events don’t just happen! We are shining a spotlight on the hearty souls, known as the Governing Committee (GC), who make these awesome events a reality. Our GC includes 15 volunteers who not only support HRC at the Federal Club level, but who also give a lot of their time as well. They attend the monthly GC meetings, their respective sub-committee meetings, and ad hoc planning meetings. They welcome new members, thank current members, and plan for recruiting members to grow the Federal Club. They attend all of the Federal Club events, and we generally reward them by putting them to work to make sure that the events flow smoothly and that any problems are handled appropriately.

As co-chairs, we get to take credit for so much that is really the work of your GC volunteers. They literally are giving of their personal time and resources every day of every month.  So join us in thanking this amazing group of tireless, dedicated volunteers who deliver so much with excitement, honor and true commitment.

Your 2014 DFW Federal Club Governing Committee

Steve Wiscaver • Stephanie Lopez • Scott Bates • Liz Rodriguez • Scott Lindsey • Betsy Orton • David McKay • Carl Andrews • Nancy Caldwell • Michael Eitel • Mary Hart • Stephanie Barker • Natalie Amberson

Too often, these Heroes of the Federal Club go unrecognized and unsung. So, to each of them – THANK YOU!!!!
Your dedication and hard work is truly an inspiration! To all of our members, next time you attend an event, take a minute to thank these great volunteers for making DFW a leader for HRC and Equality!

Jaime & Chris