Buying for Equality | Five Pasta Brands that Support LGBT Equality

REPOST from HRC BLOG | September 26, 2013 by Maureen McCarty, HRC Associate Director of Digital Media

When asked Wednesday evening on an Italian radio show if he would consider using a same-sex couple in an advertisement, Barilla Chairman Guido Barilla responded that he believes LGBT-headed households do not reflect a “classic family where the woman plays a fundamental role.”
The head of the pasta company goes on to challenge the LGBT community, saying, “If gays don’t like it, they can go eat another brand.”
Now, more than ever, consumers are sending a message that they are watching to see if the business they patronize understand and honor issues important to them. Buyers have the power to vote with their dollar for companies that practice corporate social responsibility.

So, should you find yourself without the taste for a piping hot plate of Barilla pasta tonight, here are a few LGBT-friendly pasta companies to satisfy your carb craving.


Market Pantry from
Target Corp, 100 CEI score

Target scored a 100 percent on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index in 2012. Go ahead and serve yourself a heaping spoonful of their store-brand pasta, Market Pantry, without the guilt of supporting LGBT inequality.


Chef Boyardee from ConAgra Foods, 95 CEI score

Relive your childhood with a bowlful of Chef Boyardee from ConAgra Food, a 95 percenter on the CEI, and tell yourself, “Thank goodness for Chef Boyardee."


DeBoles and Rosetto pastas from Hain Celestial Group, 90 CEI score

Hain Celestial Group, the parent company that owns both Rosetto and DeBoles, scored a 90 percent on the CEI.  Hain Celebrial Group focuses on natural and organic foods, so it’s good for your health, too.


Macaroni Grill from General Mills, 100 CEI score

And if you find yourself in the mood for carbs on-the-go, why not opt for Macaroni Grill? This 100 percenter is owned by General Mills, a long time supporter of LGBT equality. 

HRC’s Corporate Equality Index is the national benchmarking tool on corporate policies and practices related to LGBT employees.

There are plenty more brands that support LGBT equality. Find out how some of your favorite companies stack up with HRC's Buyer's Guide.