Applications for Governing Committee Are Now Open

Use Your Time and Talents to Further Equality!

November 15, 2014 7am | Jaime Duggan, Chris Lindsey and Liz Rodriguez

Do you ever wonder what more you can do to help further the cause of equality? Yes, we have made record-breaking strides in recent years, but every day, another person, politician or group is lining up to call our rights into question.  And, we live in Texas where marriage equality is still not a reality, workplace protections are non-existent, bullying in schools of LGBT kids takes place virtually every hour of every day.  So, while contributing money is essential, we also need you to consider contributing your time and talents to make sure we keep equality moving forward.  WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! 

Please consider applying to serve on the DFW HRC Governing Committee (GC).  The GC meets monthly to make every HRC event in DFW possible, including planning monthly mixers, luncheons, political fundraisers, and membership retention and appreciation events. This tremendous group of local leaders also serves on subcommittees that divide up the workload to make sure things run smoothly. What talents do you have that you could offer to HRC right here in DFW? 

Here’s a sample of the positions we fill every year.  Among other things, we need people to write thank you notes to our members, organize the mixers, staff the mixers each month, handle social media for Federal Club, keep the Web site updated and professional, do graphic design for our mailers, plan our parties, organize fund raisers, and help to recruit sponsors for our larger events.  

That may seem like a long list and many of our GC members end up handling multiple roles.  As we have for more than 20 years, we need people to staff our leadership team.  Liz Rodriguez will be taking over the female co-chair position on January 1st.  Our goal is to have the 2015 GC team in place by then as well.  Does one of these positions sound like it might just fit your skill set?  Apply today!! We will be holding one-on-one interviews in the coming weeks.  The application is simple. Please click on the link, fill out the PDF and return it to us by November 15.  

DFW Federal Club continues to be among the best in the nation. We hope you will consider applying to join the Governing Committee to help make it even better!