Will YOU be part of the 2015 Governing Committee?

Applications for the 2015 Federal Club GC will be going out in the next few weeks!

October 14, 2014 - Jaime Duggan & Chris Lindsey - 2014 Co-Chairs

Your DFW Federal Club continues to lead the nation as one of the largest, most active and healthy HRC chapters.  This is because of the steadfast support that all of our members give. And it’s also because some of our members decide that writing that check is not quite enough.  Much of the success of the Federal Club is a result of the efforts members who have the time and energy to go above and beyond by serving on our Governing Committee (GC).  

As you read last week, this year’s Governing Committee has elected Liz Rodriguez as the 2015 female co-chair.  Chris and Liz are beginning the process of scouting out the best group possible to help us to exceed our goals in 2015.  Later this month, every Federal Club member will be receiving an email inviting you to apply for the 2015 GC.  We hope you will seriously consider offering up your time and talents to our leadership team.  

Every event, every dollar raised is a result of the behind-the-scenes work of the GC.  We need individuals who love to recruit new members or to help plan events or to help with administrative tasks… the list sometimes seems endless.  Maybe there is a place for you!  

We encourage each of you to seriously consider applying.  The application is not lengthy but it is critical. Chris and Liz will then do one-on-one interviews to match open positions with applicants.  Interviews will take place during the month of November. Our goal is to have the committee set by the time we approach the holiday party and holiday season — so we are ready for the New Year. 

There is a lot of work that goes into being a member of the GC. But, we can tell you that it is one of most rewarding experiences we have ever had. And you will gain the satisfaction of knowing that you took another step and gave even more in the fight for equality that inspires us all. 

Watch your inbox for the application and we encourage you to consider applying! 

// Jaime & Chris