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Application for 2016 HRC DFW Federal Club Governing Committee

Please download a copy, fill it out and email it to by November 6, 2015

Name:           __________________________________________________________________________

Address:       __________________________________________________________________________


Phone:         __________________________________________________________________________

Email:          ___________________________________________________________________________

In what areas of Federal Club are you most interested in volunteering? Circle all that apply.

Events Coordination: Monthly Mixers, Luncheons, Womens Events, Holiday Party, Member Appreciation Events, Tarrant County Events, Yearly Fundraiser

Recruiting Efforts: General Prospecting/Recruiting, Outreach to Guests, Womens Recruiting, Diversity & Inclusion Recruiting, Other Recruiting Projects

Member Services: New Member Contact/Welcoming, New Member Mentoring, HRC 101 Program, Membership Appreciation Program

Community Liaison: Obtaining Sponsorships

Communications: Graphic Design, Social Media, Website, Invitations, Emails, etc

 Administration: Treasurer, Recorder

Other: Please List:


How much time per week or per month are you willing to commit to working on the projects and missions of the DFW Federal Club Governing Committee or its subcommittees?


Serving on the Governing Committee (GC) is a one-year term that includes a commitment to do the following:

(1)           Attend beginning of year and mid-year retreats (January 8-10 & August TBD)

(2)           Attend monthly GC meeting (3rd Monday of EVERY month);

(3)           Attend monthly sub-committee meeting; and

(4)           Attend the majority of our events to help with recruiting new members and hosting our existing members. GC members must not miss more than 3 of our major events (mixer/luncheons)


Are you most interested in serving on the GC or would you like to volunteer for a lesser time commitment as a member of one of our sub-committee teams?



If applicable, will your partner/spouse also be supportive of your volunteer time commitment to HRC in 2016?


Is it possible for you to attend our mandatory near town retreat on Saturday and Sunday, January 8-10th, 2016?


What do you think the DFW Federal Club does well?



What changes within the DFW Federal Club would you recommend?



What strengths/abilities can you offer the DFW Federal Club as a member of its Governing Committee or as a subcommittee member?




To what other organizations do you belong?  What are your other volunteer commitments for 2016?



Within these organizations, what positions have you held/hold or with what projects are you or have you been involved?



Do you have any questions or other comments you would like to make?


For Returning GC Members Only




What was your role and what were your accomplishments in 2015?



Did you complete all your commitments for 2015 (ie, 3 new members recruited, no more than one absence from GC meetings, attend at least 9 mixers? Attend most of our other events?  If not, have there been any changes that will allow you to do so in 2016, if selected for GC?



What position would you like to hold and what would you like to accomplish in 2016?



Attendance at the planning retreat on January 08-10, 2016 is required, are you able to attend?




Please feel free to make any other comments on additional pages.