Local Dues Payment

Dear Federal Club Member:

Thank you for your continued support of the Human Rights Campaign.  Your dollars make every stride towards full equality possible. We couldn’t do this work without you.   

Dallas-Ft. Worth Federal Club has always been at the forefront of this movement and remains one of the top 3 revenue producing HRC communities in the nation.  We will continue the fight in 2018 that will move us closer to full equality in every area of our lives…from marriage to the workplace to hospitals and to the cities where we live.

Because of this amazing work, DFW has taken pride in striving to make the greatest financial impact possible.  This is why we have asked each of our members to pay annual local dues in the amount of $120 per member. To read common frequently asked questions, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Important Note about Membership in DFW Federal Club
Membership in DFW Federal Club requires a pledge to HRC of $1200 a year or more plus payment of local dues to the DFW Federal Club.  Payment of Local Dues alone does not meet the requirements for membership in HRC's DFW Federal Club.

Payment Instructions
Please select the Invoice Amount from the drop-down box as reflected on your printed statement. You will be directed to a "secure" PayPal Payment Page to process your payment. After payment processing is complete you will be returned to this site and you will receive an e-mail confirmation/receipt of your payment.

Please Carefully Read the following Instructions.

    1. Click "PAY NOW" 
    2. Enter the $US Dollar amount of transaction amount on the PayPal Transaction Page and click "update" below the Amount.
    3. Payment Using a PayPal Account
      If you want to process your payment using your PayPal Account follow the instructions to "log in" to PayPal.
    4. Payment Using a Debit / Credit Card
      Click the link on the Right Hand Side "Do Not Have a PayPal Account" and follow the instruction to complete the payment.

      You must Click Confirm Payment after you have entered your Credit Card and billing information.
    5. Having trouble completing your online transaction? [ FAQ - CLICK HERE ]

      PAY Your Annual Dues

      You can also pay by check to:

      DFW Federal Club
      P.O. Box 191153
      Dallas, TX 75219

      Please review the following FAQs about these local dues:

      Q: Where does my Federal Club pledge go?
      A: The dollars from your annual Federal Club pledge go directly to HRC in Washington, DC to fund our fight for equality.

      Q: Where do my local dues go?
      A: Your local dues are used in DFW to fund our local efforts to recruit and retain Federal Club members through education and advocacy opportunities. 

      Q: How much are local dues?
      A: Our members pay local in the amount of $120 annually per member.

      Q: Why do we pay local dues in addition to our pledge to HRC?
      A: In order to maintain the level of support we attract in DFW we must stay active.  We put on mixers, luncheons, town hall events, women’s events, neighborhood socials and more.  These events introduce people to the Federal Club and allow our current members to connect in meaningful ways.  We never want to take away from the dollars you pledge to the work of the Human Rights Campaign.  Rather than use resources from the national budget, we choose to collect local dues to offset the cost of the things we do in DFW.

      Q: What do our local dues cover?
      A: Your local dues cover the cost of mixers, luncheons, holiday party, HRC information sessions, administrative fees, supplies, postage, and other local programs.

      Q: Do these local dues go to pay for postcards and letters about events?  Couldn’t we just email?
      A: The members of our Governing Committee work diligently throughout the year to secure local sponsorships.  Much of the printed media you receive, including monthly mixer postcards and luncheon and special event invites, are fully funded by financial sponsorships from our members and corporate sponsors.  This has allowed us to send creative, exciting mailers that have worked to increase attendance at our events and raised awareness of our mission in the community.

      Q: What benefits will I receive from paying my local dues?
      A: In addition to special events, you will receive complimentary entrance to: our monthly mixer, 3 plated luncheons during the year, and our holiday party.  You will also receive 2 Black Tie Dinner Vouchers (please review our vouchers policy on our website).

      Q: Will I get a reminder to pay my local dues and is there a due date?
      A: Local dues statements are sent to the membership in the beginning of February and payment is due before February 28.

      Thank you,
      The Co-Chairs
      HRC's Dallas/Fort Worth Federal Club

      Questions about your Membership

      If you have any questions related to local dues payments, your membership, membership benefits, your personal information (mailing address, e-mail address) or other questions related to your membership:

      Please contact the HRC's DFW Federal Club Membership Administrator
      EMAIL membership@dfwfederalclub.org